Sanibel Tomorrow: A Celebration of Mayors

Sanibel Inc. - Birth of a City

This is the true story about a community of citizens whose 11th hour right to vote saved their island from over-development and exploitation. Experience uncommon courage and touch the true passion instilled in a spirited people determined to speak on behalf of nature's silent voice. Witness the moment of conception, the joys and pains of carrying "to term" and the birth of the City of Sanibel.

So why did the residents of Sanibel willingly shoulder the frustrations, anguish and the expense of creating a new government? It was because of their desire to preserve the unique and natural characteristics of the island life. This historic vote was cast on November 5, 1974. The vote for home rule took the political power away from Lee County Florida at a time when their developers were planning to turn Sanibel into a high-rise tourist destination.

On March 22, 2010, more than a dozen Sanibel Mayors gathered in person at the Sanibel Community House to lend their stories and support to the film production of Sanibel Tomorrow. Rusty Farst, an award-winning Sanibel Florida resident for more than 40 years, spearheaded this special Mayoral event.

"I wanted to do something that paralleled the importance of this project. Little did I know that this many mayors have never been together before."

Rusty Farst produced, filmed and directed this 38 minute movie.

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